Tiffany Lin

President, NY Chapter

Tiffany joined PbP in 2016. She grew up on a farm in New Jersey, but today is a Management Consultant (Financial Services industry) at a Fortune 500 Company. When she has time to spare and is not busy leading the local PbP NY Chapter, she likes to visit Europe & Asia and eat everything (primarily Japan, France, Portugal, Spain, Greece, Prague, Croatia, Italy, Shanghai, Budapest, Korea, Hong Kong, and Indonesia).

On her bucket list of this to accomplish in her spare time, she wants to go on a cross-country road trip as well as learn how to butcher a pig or cow.

At PbP, Tiffany would like to lead by example, sustain a large group of engaged volunteers who contribute greatly to the overall organization, and help others succeed in their roles.


Angela Tran

Director of Events

Julian Lak

Director of Finance, NY Chapter

Julian joined PbP in 2016. He grew up in Brooklyn and is now a Senior Financial Analyst by trade. When Julian is not busy with work, he loves to hike and take wild adventures. He has been to Hong Kong 16 times, and is pursuing a Hong Kong passport so that he can visit North Korea!

Because he had liked everyone he met at the first PbP recruiting happy hour he went to, Julian joined Project by Project as a way to give back to the Asian-American community.

Gary Ng

Director of Fundraising

Nancy Wang

Director of Marketing

Nancy joined PbP in March 2017. She is from NYC. Nancy was a camp counselor for Girl Scouts in Alaska for one summer. During her spare time, she enjoys: food experimenting at home, food exploring outside, biking and hiking. This year, Nancy wants create memorable projects and learn how to better manage people and expectations in PbP.

Bernice Ng

Director of Operations

Bernice joined PbP in July 2015. She was born and raised in NYC. Bernice was a manufacturing production professional but is currently exploring a career change or other areas of production. She enjoys taking photos for fun and learning about topics for personal and professional development through online courses. Being a part of PbP for a few years now, Bernice wants to contribute her knowledge and skills she has gained to help other members of PbP grow and take on leadership positions. She also wants to continue providing a helping hand to the Asian American community through PbP.

Xuanzi Jia

Director of Outreach

Jinny Chen

Director of Volunteer Management

Jinny joined PbP in the Spring of 2017. She grew up in Baltimore, but is now living in NYC working as a Management Consultant. In her free time, she enjoys exploring new places, admiring cute puppies in Central Park, and doing yoga to recover and de-stress. Jinny joined PbP because she was inspired by the commitment the PbP team has on making an impact. Because PbP is 100% run by volunteers with busy schedules, who still make time to serve the community, Jinny wanted be a part of this team that is passionate about advocating and empowering the Asian American community.


David Mao

Manager of Restaurant Relations

David joined PbP in 2016. He grew up in Brooklyn and is current a Neurologist by trade. In his free time, David likes to relax over happy hour, kill time by binge watching on Netflix, and staying fit by running in the city. At PbP, David’s focus is to build civic engagement within Asian American Communities.

Holly Choi

Manager of Restaurant Relations

Holly joined PbP in October 2017. She grew up in Ohio, and in college majored in Health Information Management & Systems. She is a Healthcare Technology Implementation Professional. In her free time, she enjoys traveling and learning about different cultures. She hopes to visit 30 countries before she turns 30. She also likes trying new foods and restaurants. Although Holly is afraid of heights, she likes to challenge herself constantly as she has done with skydiving, high ropes courses, and climbing the pyramid in Coba. Next on her list is bungee jumping!  At PbP, Holly’s focus is on improving and creating a better experience internally and externally via workflow improvement or more efficient processes. She joined PbP to be able to give back to the community and help others.

Stacy Yip

Manager of Beverage and Winery Relations

Stacy joined PbP in November 2017. She grew up in San Francisco and is today a UX Designer. When she has a free moment, Stacy enjoys going to live music events, traveling the world, and climbing big mountains! At PbP, she hopes to meet different people and help expand the NY chapter by taking more initiative and educating the community about the organization.

Hai Yen Duong

Manager of Publicity and Promotions

Albert Hong

Manager of Team and Leadership

Albert joined PbP in January 2018. He grew up in New York City, and got his undergraduate degree in mechanical engineering. He also has an MBA and is currently a Product Manager for a large ecommerce technology company. In his free time, Albert likes to sing Celine Dion songs during karaoke, hoard ore while playing Settlers, and travel the world. At PbP, Albert’s focus is around Asian activism, specifically as it relates to representation in media, the corporate executive pipeline, and government. He also mentors PbP members to be future leaders in their respective industries.

Steering Committee

Donald Lai

Events Team Member

Michael Yu

Events Team Member

Mike joined PbP in January 2018. He grew up in Florida and is currently the Founder and CEO of Palate Connect. In his free time, he enjoys photography, strumming on his guitar, and trying out all the good eats the City has to offer. At PbP, Mike would like to share his experience in building a business and in helping the community at large. He joined mainly because he thought PbP is a great organization that can potentially help many people and so he wanted to pitch-in with his expertise and knowledge.

Lingxiao Chen

Events Team Member

Lingxiao joined PbP in January 2018. She grew up in Hubei, China, and is now working as an Actuary Associate for a large insurance company. In her free time, she enjoys reading, hiking, and kickboxing. She is a fitness enthusiast and also a huge foodie! Experience is what she values most in life, and she is always excited for a new challenge or journey! Lingxiao joined PbP because she wanted to build meaningful relationships with like-minded people, gain new experiences outside the workplace, and give back to society.

Quinn Rhi

Fundraising Team Member

Quinn joined PbP in January 2018. She grew up in New York City and is a proud alumna of Stuyvesant High School. In college, she majored in Government and Legal Studies with a concentration in Political Theory and a minor in Art History. By day, she works at a local non-profit, coordinating civic engagement coalition work to uplift Asian American voices. In her free time, she enjoys nature-based activities like hiking, rock climbing, and canoeing. She also attended the New York Asian Film Festival every year since 2010, and enjoys eating pandan flavored ice cream at her favorite Chinatown Ice Cream Factory. At PbP, Quinn would like the opportunity to work with people who she normally wouldn’t be able to, as well as do work she wouldn’t normally do (like ATB!). She is always sharing her knowledge in doing nonprofit work and social justice.

Amanda Hsiung

Marketing Team Member

Amanda joined PbP in January 2018. She grew up and went to college in New York City where she currently works as a Graphic Designer/Account Manager for a private clothing brand. In her free, she enjoys listening to K-Pop, watching Korean Dramas, and spending quality time with friends and family. Amanda joined PbP to give back to the local Asian American community while expanding her network in meeting new people and gaining invaluable experience along the way.

David Jiang

Marketing Team Member

David joined PbP in January 2018.  He grew up in Brooklyn and got his undergraduate degree in electrical engineering. David is a Technical Account Manager, but he enjoys relaxing to yoga, strengthening his body through swimming, and expanding his knowledge by reading. At PbP, David’s focus is on marketing key events and sharing his expertise through networking and professional development.

Eric Lum

Operations Team Member

Sunn Chon

Operations Team Member

Kashif Khan

Outreach & Volunteer MGMT Team Member

Lu Han

Outreach Team Member

Xiaochen Lai

Outreach Team Member

Josephine Tam

Volunteer Management Team Member
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