Peter Yun

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Manager of Corporate Relations

Peter attended Northern Arizona University studying mechanical engineering. After undergrad, he returned to L.A. and joined the West Wilshire Lions Club getting heavily involved with community service for many years. After working in many different industries from real estate, property management, pharmacy and general contracting, he is now working as a business consultant for Konica Minolta Business Solutions in Downtown Los Angeles. He gets to help businesses and organizations work both more efficiently and productively, ultimately saving them time and money. As a result, he really loves his job.

Growing up here in L.A., Peter realized he had a lot of resources to make the right connections for people and businesses, so helping out just came naturally for him. Peter had heard about PbP, but never really understood what they hype was about.  It took two friends two years to convince him to join since PbP that year also didn’t fall in the first week of August, the week of his birthday! What appealed to Peter about Project by Project is that every year the non-profit organization helps a different charity. He believes strongly in helping others and that if you don’t offer something positive to someone’s life every day, you aren’t really living a full life. It’s only natural for him to give back to the community. This is his 3rd year with the Los Angeles Chapter and the 2nd year as a manager on the fundraising team. It’s a difficult job, but he has the connections and innovative and creative thinking to broaden the reach of Project by Project and its cause to make each year better than the year before. This year is the 20th Anniversary of  PbP so he, as the rest of the steering committee, is beyond excited for this year’s fundraising gala!

Being Korean, Peter is partial to Korean food, but he loves trying new restaurants and cuisines! He has a group of friends who occasionally try new spots all over town, whether it’s in L.A. or Orange County. Right now his favorite cuisine is Vietnamese food! His girlfriend lives in Irvine, so they frequent the Little Saigon areas of Garden Grove and Westminster. The close runner up is Thai, and L.A. has the very famous Thai Town to please his appetite!

Being so busy, Peter never really got to travel out of the country, but his girlfriend loves to travel and has recently visited Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan, and Bali. Now having the travel bug himself, Peter wishes to visit Europe, particularly France and Germany. He speaks French and finds German a fascinating language. Regular trips to Vegas and Mammoth also help the busy guy unwind. Peter enjoys snowboarding, bike riding, hiking and camping when time permits. Peter wishes to read more, so offer him some suggestions if you see him!

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