Why Homelessness?

Did you know?

On any given night in 2018, around 553,000 people in the US experience homelessness.

  • Of that number, 6,643 are Asian American.

    • 1,724 are families with children.

    • 4,919 are single adults.

    • 516 are unaccompanied youths.

    • 324 are Asian American veterans.

Screen Shot 2019-03-31 at 3.41.47 PM.png

If you live in New York, Los Angeles, or San Francisco, it is quite evident that homelessness is  a crisis in these cities. However, what is less known is how the Asian American homeless population has been increasing dramatically within the past decade. As we head towards a census year in 2020, it will be of utmost importance to count everyone and monitor our community’s progress towards reducing instances of homelessness in the Asian Pacific Islander community. Due to the increased amount of Asian and Pacific Islanders experiencing homelessness in our communities and the significance of culturally competent services for this subpopulation, PbP decided to tackle the issue of “Asian Americans and Homelessness” for the year of 2019.

Source: The 2018 Annual Homelessness Assessment Report (AHAR) to Congress by The US Department of Housing and Urban Development

But, why should YOU care about Homelessness?

Many of us have seen the effects of homelessness and how it impacts individuals, and many of us may have friends or family members who might be at risk of homelessness. Beyond our personal encounters with the issue, homelessness impacts all of us through various aspects  of our community.

  • Public Health:  Many homeless households are unable to access facilities to maintain personal hygiene or proper health leading to increased exposure to health risks. For those without access to mainstream system services,quality healthcare is not available and the absence of care often leads to chronic medical conditions exacerbated by their difficult living situations.

  • Public Services:  Without a robust support system, an unsupported chronically homeless person, on average, can expend $23,000 per year in emergency room visits, incarceration, and shelter stays; however, this may be avoided with proper care and prevention services.

  • Humanity:  It’s a human tragedy to realize that a member of your community not only suffers from not having a stable place to live – which may subject them to physical distress under harsh weather conditions and potential violence – but also suffers from the emotional distress of being stripped of the right to having a place called home.

Source:  http://www.homewardboundwnc.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/Homelessness-Dec.-2012.pdf

These highlights are just the tip of the iceberg as we start digging into the source of homelessness –  poverty, health conditions, immigration, domestic violence and more. Through our own experiences with the economic downturns and everyday life, we all have personally connected with folks who’ve had periods of instability or other life challenges. However, hope is not lost in our City of Los Angeles, as a strong support system in our community exists and can bolster those experiencing homelessness through effective and targeted assistance.

Our Campaign Forward

The personal stories in our community are relatable and we are encouraged to lend our support those affected by homelessness to make it brief and non-recurring. This year, PbP aims to take on the issue of homelessness in the Asian American community with the same fervor and dedication we’ve shown to  our past themes. Our goal is to lead by bringing this issue to light and working to improve the lives of those who are affected by being unsheltered. Please join us in addressing homelessness as not just another statistic, but as an issue of advocacy in our community. Together, we can help move individuals, families, and communities off the streets and into safe, permanent homes.

Project by Project - Los Angeles Celebrates Its Fifteenth Partner For 2019


Los Angeles, CA (April 22, 2019) – Every year, Project by Project - Los Angeles (PbP-LA) partners with a non-profit organization to advance awareness of important social issues in the Los Angeles Asian and Pacific Islander (API) community. After an engaging selection process with our Los Angeles community members, we are proud to announce our beneficiary partner for the 2019 theme of Asian Americans and Homelessness, the Center for Pacific Asian Family (CPAF).

Center for Pacific Asian Family (CPAF) was founded to help address domestic violence and sexual assault in the Asian Pacific Islander community. Since 1978, CPAF has been addressing the root causes and consequences of both violence in families and against API women and their families. Expanding through their recent community programs, CPAF has reached the needs of survivors who seek to establish independent, violence-free lives in a stable housing environment.

Recent reports have shown that not only has homelessness risen among Asian Americans, but also Asian Americans have been experiencing the highest growth in homelessness among all racial groups. With even more Asian American families living in at-risk environments here in Los Angeles, our selection of CPAF the 2019 beneficiary partner could not be a better fit to raise awareness of homelessness that affects the Los Angeles API community. Through the success of their on-going housing programs, CPAF has matched API victims of domestic violence and sexual assault with both transitional shelters and permanent housing.

This beneficiary partnership will pull together our resources to support a year-long campaign to raise funds for the housing project through our annual signature tasting benefit, Plate by Plate on Saturday, August 3, 2019. This exclusive dining experience brings together in August a curated list of the most popular chefs, restaurants, and beverage purveyors in Los Angeles in support of our 2019 theme. The following restaurant sponsors have already been confirmed: Otium, Bone Kettle, Pikoh, Patina, Restauration, Rappahannock Oyster Bar, Metropole Bar and Kitchen, Broken Spanish, Faith and Flower, Hinoki and the Bird, Kazunori, and Umi by Hamasaku. Stay tuned as we bring on even more amazing sponsors!

Through our awareness campaign and our volunteer support at community events, Project by Project aims to bring the issue of homelessness to light by highlighting the critical work CPAF has done to provide support and bring resources to the growing API homeless population. Join us on for a special speakers panel on May 21st at General Assembly DTLA covering “Asian Americans and Homelessness,” featuring experts from non-profit, government, and social enterprise to discuss their role in combating and preventing homelessness in LA County. This event is free to attend and open to the public.

To ensure the success of our partnership, PbP has dedicated a special pro-bono consulting taskforce, CASES, to exploring ways for new rental units to match participants of CPAF community programs with multi-lingual and multi-cultural transitional housing.  Through our actionable recommendations, our beneficiary partner can leverage our interviews, research, and analysis to support housing safeguards that could connect vetted homeowners and tenants together. Together with our 2019 beneficiary partner, PbP-LA hopes to engage at the forefront to improve the lives of those who need it the most in the API community.

Please reserve your ticket to our speaker series event here: https://generalassemb.ly/education/project-by-project-asian-americans-homelessness/los-angeles/77293.

About Project by Project - Los Angeles

Project by Project (PbP) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that strives to cultivate the next generation of Asian Americans in philanthropy and nonprofit leadership.  Comprised of a team young professionals with diverse backgrounds across all fields and industries, PbP seeks to develop innovative solutions to help local non-profit organizations build and strengthen their capacity to address our community’s most pressing needs.  Each year, a different community non-profit is selected to receive aid in its fundraising, community outreach, and public awareness efforts. Each campaign features our signature event Plate by Plate: PbP’s annual tasting benefit hosting the region’s top restaurants and beverage purveyors and attracting thousands of attendees nationwide.  Over the last 20 years, PbP has awarded over $800,000 in grants to 38 beneficiary partners, enhancing sustainability in serving the needs of our communities. For our 22nd year, the Los Angeles chapter of PbP has chosen to raise awareness of homelessness in the API community with our fifteenth partner.

About CPAF - Center for Pacific Asian Families

Center for the Pacific Asian Family’s (CPAF) story begins in 1978, when a Filipina American woman named Nilda Rimonte questioned whether an immigrant Asian or Pacific Islander (API) woman experiencing domestic or sexual violence could get help – any help. When she found no clear options available she pioneered the programs that CPAF now use today.  Built in the mission to build healthy and safe communities by addressing the root causes and consequences of family violence and violence against women. CPAF is committed to meeting the specific cultural and language needs of Asian and Pacific Islander women and their families. CPAF created the first multi-lingual 24-hour hotline assisting API survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault in the nation. In 1981, CPAF opened the first multi-lingual and multi-cultural domestic violence emergency shelter in the nation that specialized in serving API survivors of domestic violence. Thereafter, CPAF was also the first to open a multi-lingual and multi-cultural transitional program focusing on the needs of survivors who seek to establish independent, violence-free lives.

Project LEAD: Leaders Empowering Action Day

Hosted by Project by Project - Los Angeles Chapter Written By: Tina S. Lee

On Saturday, October 24th, 2018, a crowd of 80 professionals gathered for a day of learning, strategy brainstorming, friendly competition and cross industry collaboration at General Assembly in Downtown Los Angeles, who generously provided the venue. This event, Leaders Empowering Action Day, is an inaugural project organized by an internal task force of volunteers within the Los Angeles chapter of Project by Project, a 503c non-profit, and made possible through key corporate and community supporters: Accenture, General Assembly, Asian Professional Exchange, Asian American Professional Association, and Cafe Dulce.

Project LEAD team brainstorming

The event featured 3 speakers, 4 judges, and 6 strategy advisors whose backgrounds ranged from academia, management consultants,and political campaign strategist. The main keynote delivered by Dean Jenny Darroch of the Drucker-Ito School of Management, part of the Claremont Graduate University, was centered around, Father of Management, Peter F. Drucker’s concept of a functioning society. The two lighting talk delivered by Julie Truong from Envision Consulting and Mariko Lochridge from Little Tokyo Small Business Incubator brought applicable knowledge that volunteer consultants were able to incorporate into their brainstorming sessions. Julie spoke about collective impact from an API perspective and Mariko shared about digital marketing strategic tactics. All three speakers were in unison to urge all attendees to take an active role when it comes to civic and social engagement.

A total of 8 local non-profits, AAPI Data, Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles, Asian Americans Advancing Justice - Los Angeles,South Asian Network, L.A. Chinatown Firecracker Run Committee, Asian Pacific Islander Small Business Program, and Thai CDC partnered by providing current challenge statements which they are currently grappling with for a solution. The Project LEAD team gathered 8 teams of 4-7 cross-industry professionals for the key portion of this event: a 3-hour strategy brainstorming session concluding with a 3 minute solutions pitch in front of a panel of judges. Each team worked extensively with their respective non-profit representatives for in-depth understanding of the challenge statement, current resource realities, and the desired outcome vision. Strategic advisors guided each team during the event to facilitate solutions that were not only innovative but applicable and comprehensive.

Project LEAD team brainstorming Project LEAD team brainstorming Project LEAD team brainstorming Project LEAD team brainstorming

The 4 judges deliberated extensively about each team’s solution and presentation. After careful discussion about each team’s presentation delivery, applicability of recommended solution, budget consideration, likelihood of post-event execution, and taking into consideration that many of the volunteers are not consultants by trade...the winning team stood out clearly amongst the rest. The volunteer consultant team for Changing Tides, a program at the Little Tokyo Service Center working on API community’s mental health awareness campaign, won the solution pitch competition with their clear delivery as well as comprehensive and unique solution.

Both the winning non-profit organization and the volunteer consultants walked away with prizes that the event host and sponsors generously gathered. A lucky volunteer won the raffle prize of a free course credit applicable towards an upcoming General Assembly class. All winning members received a non-transferable General Admission ticket to Project by Project 2019 flagship event, the Plate by Plate Annual Tasting Benefit. More specifically the volunteer consultants were also awarded special access towards a future Asian Professional Exchange networking mixer, while the non-profit organization received a board-member leadership development opportunity with Asian American Professional Association.

Thank you again to our supporters, the volunteers, PbP-LA Steering Committee Members and the PbP-LA Project LEAD Taskforce for coordinating this event.

Jenelle Yee, Director of CASES Eileen Ung, President Stefanie Cheng Fuong Huynh Lisa Inouye Angela Law Tina Lee Sandra Nguyen Ver Andrew Starr, Project LEAD Coordinator

Event Photography Coverage provided by Steven Lam Photo.

About Project by Project

Project by Project (PbP) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded in New York City in 1998 by a group of young Asian American professionals. Comprised of a team of professionals with backgrounds in finance, consulting, technology, media, entertainment and law, PbP's founding team felt it could play a strong role in assisting community groups in securing capital, reaching out to new groups of volunteers and bringing greater awareness to issues affecting the Asian American community. Every year, Project by Project – Los Angeles presents our annual tasting benefit during the summer to support non-profit partners in the Asian and Pacific Islander community.

Plate by Plate is generously sponsored by local businesses and organizations throughout the Los Angeles area. For sponsorship information, or for inquiries about donation to the Silent Auction, please email fundraising.la@projectbyproject.org.

PbP-LA: August 2018 Newsletter

August 2018 Newsletter

Thank You For Your Support!

With almost 50 of Los Angeles' top restaurants and beverage purveyors, Plate by Plate - Los Angeles gathered a record crowd at the City Market Social House on August 4, 2018. We want to thank every guest and sponsor for the incredible energy and passion you brought to our annual tasting benefit to support our Immigration Campaign! 
At Plate by Plate, renowned chefs and mixologists from all over Los Angeles surprised us with their creative dishes and signature ingredients.

Pushing thru a very close race, Bavel took home the Golden Dish Award for the best plate of the evening, while Macchiato won the Golden Beverage Award for the best drink of the evening!
Congratulations to all our lucky winners of our Silent Auction and our Raffle Contest! Beyond the delicious bites and drinks, our guests also enjoyed our interactive photobooth and photo-walls that canvassed our evening gala! 

Did you catch any celebrity-sighting at the VIP sit-down dining experience?
Your ticket at our annual tasting benefit funds our beneficiary partner's Citizenship Grant program! Immigration is an important topic that is near and dear to our hearts, and we hope you will continue the fight with us!

Looking for your Photobooth picture? Check out our album to find your awesome pose!
Our Immigration Campaign
Check out our Immigration Campaign Video above!

Call to Action!

As part of our Immigration Campaign this year, PbP-LA partnered with OCA-GLA to stand with our immigrant community. With our Campaign Video Sponsor, we worked to speak on the complex immigration challenges that we hope will inspire our community to act. At Plate by Plate - Los Angeles, we revealed our Immigration Campaign Video highlighting the financial, legal, and language barriers inhibiting API immigrants in applying for citizenship. You can check out our immigration story above! Hop over to our Facebook to join our discussion on the Campaign Video!

Special thanks to our Campaign Video Sponsor, Creative Squeeze for our incredible collaboration!

Our Campaign Continues!

Through our partnership with OCA-GLA, we will donate all proceeds from Plate by Plate - Los Angeles to support the Mentored Path to Citizenship Grant program. At $725, the current fee for the naturalization application has increased 80% in the last 10 years, compared to minimum wage which has only increased 40%. To address the challenge of alleviating the financial burden the program applicants, you can help us reach our goal of $725 in our Citizenship Fund to help our applicants secure their status in our country! 
Donate to the Grant Program here!
Upcoming Events

Project LEAD

We are excited to introduce Project LEAD to Los Angeles! Project LEAD, which stands for “Leaders Empowering Action Day,” is a one day event that brings together over individuals just like YOU with various skill sets to accomplish one shared goal: to use our expertise to help nonprofits organizations solve their real-life issues in only three hours. Mark your calendar, and thru Project LEAD we can share our experiences to make a lasting impact in our community together!
Event: Facebook 
Date: Saturday, October 27, 2018
Time: 9:30 AM – 4:00 PM
Location: General Assembly
Address: 360 E. 2nd Street, 4th Floor, Los Angeles, California 90012
This event is aimed for professionals across all disciplines where you can provide real help in real time! Check out our event page for more details and registration!

Plate by Plate - San Francisco

Missing all the delicious bites you savored earlier this month?

Grab your tickets now to support our immigration campaign with food, fun, and philanthropy at Plate by Plate - San Francisco! Hosted at the stunning Design Center Galleria in the heart of San Francisco's historic Design district, this premier tasting benefit will feature award-winning chefs such as Chef Ray Lee from the Akiko Restaurant and Chef Joseph Camacho from the Burger Bar. All net ticket proceeds raised from this walk-around fundraiser will benefit Project by Project - SF's 2018 beneficiary partner, Vietnamese American Community Center of the East Bay. 
Date: Saturday, September 15, 2018
Time: 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM
Location: San Francisco Design Center
Address: 101 Henry Adams St., San Francisco CA 94103
Purchase your ticket now!
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Thank you for supporting Project by Project programs and partners! If you would like to support our work with the Mentored Path to Citizenship Grant Program, please click the button below.
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Thank you to The Great Company for sponsoring GreatCo HQ as our 2018 meeting space. Find out more about The Great Company.
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Cocktails with PbP and Special Discount for Plate by Plate 2018


Free admission!

Join us for food and drinks at Middle Branch, one of the featured beverage mixologists at Plate by Plate (October 19) this year!

This is a great opportunity to connect with the PbP community, learn more about Plate by Plate 2018, our annual tasting benefit on October 19, and what we do!

Special Plate by Plate ticket discounts will be available for ONE DAY ONLY on September 28 during this mixer. You will be able to purchase your 2018 Plate by Plate tickets for 20% off (a $40 savings!) at $159.20.... AND no Eventbrite fee!!!

More information HERE.

Plate by Plate NY: Ticket Launch Mixer

Free admission!

Join us for food and drinks at Ms Yoo in downtown Manhattan as we kick off ticket sales for our annual tasting benefit, Plate by Plate NYC 2018 (October 19)!

Exclusive pricing will be available for ONE DAY ONLY on August 17 during our ticket launch mixer. You will be able to purchase your 2018 Plate by Plate tickets for the absolute lowest price, at $149 per ticket.

For more about Plate by Plate NYC 2018: https://www.facebook.com/events/209991136509850/

WHEN Friday, August 17th 6:00PM - 10:00PM *Happy Hour food and drinks available until 8PM!

WHERE Ms. Yoo (2nd floor) 163 Allen St, New York, NY

DRESS CODE Smart Casual

ADMISSION Free! Take this time to hang out with us AND purchase your Plate by Plate tickets!

~~~PLATE BY PLATE PRICING @ TICKET LAUNCH MIXER~~~ General Admission: $149* (25% off!) Price will go up at 12 midnight on 8/18! Purchase in person at the ticket launch mixer, or via Eventbrite on Aug 17th: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/plate-by-plate-nyc-2018-benefiting-cacf-tickets-48077778931

10 Tips for Plate by Plate First Timers!


Plate by Plate welcomes you to an elevated dining experience with fancy bites and local cuisines that reflect the heart of Los Angeles. Renowned chefs, exclusive beverage purveyors, and highly decorated restaurants will keep you busy throughout the night.

What are fun things to do beyond eating? What outfit should I wear to this event? Should I upgrade my pass to VIP? How can I find out more about the restaurants? It’s a lot to swallow, but we have you covered!

Here are your ten tips to help you best enjoy your annual tasting benefit!


1) Arrive Early!

Early Entry for VIP at the 14th Plate by Plate

With almost 50 restaurants and beverage vendors at Plate by Plate, it’s no surprise there will be a huge attendance this year! It’s important to figure out the best way to get to City Market Social House early, so you can find the best parking location! Entry begins at 7 PM for General Admission ticket holders (6 PM for VIP), so remember to come early to get the best shot at hitting up all the vendors.


2) Get Your Attire Ready!

Step and Repeat at the 13th Plate by Plate!

Make sure you dress to impress! The dress code is formal, and you are encouraged to make the most out of it. Men can wear a suit with a tie or bow tie. Ladies can wear full-length evening gowns or elegant cocktail dresses. Have you thought of what to wear yet?

Ladies, it’s time to bust out your fanciest dress, heels, and statement accessories. Show off your personality with every detail! Gentlemen, you can also use accessories to express your personal style. Instead of a bow tie or traditional tie, you can opt for a necktie with a handsome tie bar or a classy lapel flower.


3) Pack Light!

Guests at the 15th Plate by Plate

Packing light allows you the convenience to easily explore all the different vendors and interact with guests and chefs. As portions of the venue are outside, you’ll have to be ready for Los Angeles’ sunny summer evenings. The sunset is expected to start around 8 PM, and the temperature is expected to hover around mid-70s°F.

For ladies, we suggest bringing a small purse for your essentials. Clutch bags are not recommended, as you will need your hands to hold the delicious food and drink served at Plate by Plate!

4) Grab Our Booklet!

Program Booklets at the 13th Plate by Plate

Many guests keep our program booklet for memory, but it also contains lots of useful information about your Plate by Plate experience! It will include the most updated list of participants, and a detailed map of the event, so take a look first to plan out your food adventure!

Be sure to also use the program booklet to find out where the Silent Auction and Photobooth will be!


5) Sample Strategically!

Spoonfuls of “So Cali” from Mainland Poke at the 14th Plate by Plate

Plate by Plate features many top restaurants in LA. With almost 50 restaurants and beverage vendors, it may be difficult to decide what to try first. Do your research prior to the event, so you can navigate the venue with ease! This years’ participants include Patina, Broken Spanish, Otium, Tsubaki, Alexander’s Steakhouse, Faith & Flower, Sotto, Wolf, Rossoblu (VIP only), Republique (VIP only) and many more! See the full list of restaurants here!

Come to the event hungry! Plate by Plate starts from 7 PM (6 PM for VIP) and ends at 10:00 PM, so you should have enough time to sample everything.


6) Stay Hydrated

Baldoria Bar + Kitchen serving bottled cocktails at 15th Plate by Plate - Los Angeles

August in Los Angeles is known for its scorching weather. Thus, it might get warm on the outdoor patio, so remember to stay hydrated! Check out our beverage vendor list to plan out your refreshments.


7) Follow Our Restaurant and Chef Spotlights!

IG: @PBPLA FB: /ProjectByProjectLA

The best way to stay updated about Plate by Plate is to follow us on Facebook and Instagram! Don’t miss our current series of Restaurant and Chef Spotlights that gives you a closer look at what you’re about to experience on August 4th! We will also announce the location of our After Party – admission is complimentary with your ticket! Don’t forget to post your best photos on Instagram during the event, using the tag #platebyplate2018.


8) Upgrade to VIP!

Dry-aged ribeye carpaccio with whipped egg & ikura from VIP four-course tasting by Scratch Bar & Kitchen at the 14th Plate by Plate

Think you need more time to sample everything? The VIP pass gets you access to the event one hour earlier than General Admission guests. VIP exclusive food & libation purveyors:

Come early to see our award-winning chefs cooking in action, and leave with a VIP goodie bag filled with items from our participant restaurants and community sponsors! VIP tickets also include access to the After Party and everything available to General Admission guests!

9) Don’t Forget to Network!

VIP Lounge at the 15th Plate by Plate

One of the best things to do at Plate by Plate is to connect with other guests!

As Plate by Plate is a fundraising event organized entirely by volunteers, we are proud of the passion and dedication that all our members bring, not just at our annual tasting benefit but also throughout the entire year planning and organizing for our cause.

The net proceeds raised from Plate by Plate will be donated to our 2018 beneficiary partner OCA-GLA, and will help families achieve US citizenship through the group’s Mentored Path to Citizenship program. Every attendee will be supporting and contributing to our cause.

Guests come for the food, but they stay for the cause! So make sure to chat with other guests, who share your same-minded sense of love for food and philanthropy.


10) Create Lasting Memories!

Photobooth at the 9th Plate by Plate

Snap a picture with your friends in front of our beautiful flower wall, exclusive to this year’s Plate by Plate! This is a special night teeming with delicious moments, so let’s capture your memories at our Photobooth, complimentary with your ticket!

Want to support Plate by Plate and the cause? Make sure to share your Plate by Plate pictures on Facebook with your friends and on Instagram using hashtag #platebyplate2018. Don’t forget to check out other guests’ photos!


Tickets Available Now!

Plate by Plate 2018 will take place at City Market Social House on August 4th. Tickets include access to 50 top restaurants and beverage purveyors, photobooth, silent auction, access to the afterparty, and more!

For more information, please visit https://platebyplate.org/la/

Looking Back At 7 Moments from Plate by Plate LA

plate by plate girls enjoying food photobooth photo

Photobooth at the 9th Plate by Plate

Plate by Plate is a premiere tasting benefit that brings you an elevated dining experience in the heart of Los Angeles. Every year, all proceeds from Plate by Plate is donated to support programs and activities of the chosen beneficiary partner. Since our first annual tasting benefit in Los Angeles, this noble endeavor has drawn in thousands of attendees!

We welcome everyone from advocates and activists to foodies and celebrities. We survey our attendees, and they continue to cite the unique moments exclusive to every year as the attraction that convince them to come back.

There are lots of things to do at Plate by Plate beyond tasting, so let’s take a look back at some of our favorite moments from our past Plate by Plate events in Los Angeles that have drawn guests like you!

#1 Top Chef - Season 2

top chef plate by plate promo banner

For our 4th Plate by Plate in Los Angeles, we invited the hit television series Top Chef to join our curated list of restaurants with a live contest for Season 2, Episode 2! The contestants split into Team Vietnam and Team Korea to deliver two separate multi-course series of tastings. Team Korea wowed us a delectable dish of spicy braised pork with kimchi sticky rice and lotus chips, while Team Vietnam served up a comfy bite of pork pho with carrot vermicelli.

Over a thousand attendees decided who won this challenge, but only one dish can reign supreme among the contestants’ entries. Watch a snippet of the episode to find out who won!

#2 Celebrity Sous-Chefs!

group photo celebrity sous chef at 7th Plate by Plate

MC James Kyson Lee with a panel of celebrity sous-chef at 7th Plate by Plate

Not getting enough of the charming actor James Kyson Lee at the 6th Plate by Plate, we invited him back as the MC to host a fun and exciting round of guest sous-chef. Joining James was a huge crowd of celebrities including actor Archie Kao, dancer and voice actor Dante Basco, and actor Aaron Takahashi.

Then we were served a real treat when Debbie Lee (Next Food Network) joined James on stage to celebrate our “Golden Plate” and “Golden Beverage” awards for the best dish and best drink! What an amazing evening of laughter, as some of the guest celebrities even surprised us with their flairs of cooking!

#3 A Comedic Note with Aziz Ansari

Chef Marcel Vigneron (L) & Aziz Ansari (R) grabbing a bite from XIX

We were thrilled to invite the brilliant (and arguably the most observant comedian when it comes to the modern Asian American experience) Aziz Ansari to our 7th Plate by Plate at the beautiful California Science Center! What could be better than combining food and comedy together for an exclusive interaction with our VIP guests?

What about pairing Aziz with Los Angeles’ celebrity Chef Marcel Vigneron*? Together, this energetic and funny duo served up delicious bites from our VIP restaurant participant, the renowned restaurant, The Bazaar, in Beverly Hills!

*Chef Marcel is now the chef and owner of Wolf, the winner of the “Golden Plate” award for best dish at the 15th Plate by Plate!

#4 Spice it up with Wong Fu Productions!

Philip Wang (Wong Fu Productions) with the JRod Twins and Mike Bow

We get it. Foodies and vloggers love us. And we love you back!

We are always excited to welcome back the folks behind Wong Fu Productions! Wesley and Philip visited the 10th Plate by Plate via their popular series, “Wongfu Weekend”. Their recap video really highlights how much have Plate by Plate at Los Angeles has grown since 2002!

Both their production company and the non-profit organization behind Plate by Plate have signaled the emerging prominence of the Asian American experience, and it will be a pleasure for us to showcase how much have we grown since – all while consuming deliciousness from the best of the best chefs and restaurants in Los Angeles!

#5 National Recognition

PbP-LA President Vickie Chan (L) & US Congresswoman Judy Chu (R)

At the 14th Plate by Plate, Congresswoman Judy Chu* (CA-27) awarded our then President of Project by Project - Los Angeles, Vickie Chan, a Congressional Certificate of Recognition as a testament to her incredible dedication to this worthy cause that has touched scores of people’s lives (and their appetite)! Our gratitude towards her capacity as our president highlights that the nature of our movement is founded on the selfless volunteering work from every single member of our organization. We hope this year you will feel the same level of sincerity for our cause as Congresswoman Chu did!

*Her recent achievements include introducing and passing a Congressional resolution addressing the historic ramifications of the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882 and working with President Obama to declare and protect the San Gabriel Mountains as a national monument.

#6 Siena & Toast

Siena & Toast performing at the 15th Plate by Plate

Siena Lee-Tajiri and Toast Tajiri of the group, Siena & Toast graced us at the 15th Plate by Plate with their enchanting voice that hearkens back to the lovely time of childhood happiness. Their first album, Makena, won “Folk Album of the Year” at the Hawaii Music Award in 2007.  The songs from these incredible sirens echoed the beautiful atrium thru the evening, and heralded a  calming but majestic tune!

#7 Announcement of our Chair

Plate by Plate - LA 2018 Chair Michelle Krusiec (L) and Actor Leonardo Nam (R)

We are excited to welcome actress and writer Michelle Krusiec as the Chair of the 16th Plate by Plate at Los Angeles! This newly introduced position will help promote and raise awareness of our selected cause in 2018: Asian American and Immigration! With her reach and starpower, we expect to hit our goal of contributing all our proceeds to the Mentored Path to Citizenship Program with our beneficiary partner OCA-GLA.

Tickets Available Now!

We reminisce back to the moment when Siena & Toast played one of their songs, “House at Pooh Corner”, when we look forward to this year’s Plate by Plate at Los Angeles. As the lovable bear once commented on the joy of anticipation, “ Well, what I like best," and then Pooh had to stop and think, “although Eating Honey was a very good thing to do, there was a moment just before you began to eat it which was better than when you were, but he didn't know what it was called!”

We hoped that our followers, share the same anticipation of joy as the Philosopher Pooh-Bear when looking at our food pictures of the upcoming vendors! Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for our spotlight series on the participant restaurants this year!

For more information, please visit https://platebyplate.org/la/

8 Things You Can’t Miss at Plate by Plate!


As Los Angeles’ premiere food tasting benefit, Plate by Plate invites you to an elevated dining experience that brings together vibrant cuisines and refreshing beverages all in one night. But this deluxe gala is chock-full of other fun and engaging things to do beyond sampling delicious arrays of tasty bites. Here are just a few activities that will surely keep you busy throughout the evening!


Catch Celebrity Chefs in Action!


Plate by Plate is one of the city’s most anticipated foodie events. Seeing just one innovative chef crafting his or her signature dishes is already a breath-taking moment, but seeing nearly 20+ celebrated chefs showcase their magic up close is a priceless opportunity!


Sip up at Beverage Garden!

Stay hydrated in our outdoor patio at the City Market Social House. The incredibly inviting backyard surrounds you in a warmly lit atmosphere where you can enjoy light refreshments from Macchiato or Labobatory!

Feeling adventurous? Satiate your thirst with inventive drinks from 18 Social, B&K Classic Cocktails, and Peking Tavern! Checkout the full list of our beverage purveyors here.


Silent Auction

Our generous community partners have brought you treasured gifts and experiences at our Silent Auction. Completely complimentary with your ticket, check out the many offerings and place your lucky bid! Here are a few prizes from the past!

  • Cancun All Inclusive 4-Night Stay with Airfare for 2 and 10+ other getaways like Italy and Royal Caribbean cruises
  • Signed Seattle Seahawks Legends Helmet and more signed sports memorabilia from the Dodgers, and also seasonal passes to the Chargers
  • Ultimate Hamilton the Musical Experience for 2 and tickets to the Broad Museum and Malibu Wine Tours
  • Autographed Beatles “Abbey Road” Album and signed, rare music sheets from Taylor Swift and Michael Jackson


VIP Tasting Course

Plate by Plate will gather Rossoblu as well as Chefs Walter andMargarita Manzke (the creative geniuses behind République, Petty Cash, and Sari Sari Store) for a multi-course, sit-down tasting menu, exclusive to our VIP guests! This experience is first-come, first served, so please remember to arrive early!



Drawing in over 700 guests from all walks of life, Plate by Plate is a massive game of “who’s who”! Actors, elected officials, entertainers, and celebrities unite for fun, food, and philanthropy for one evening. In previous years, we’ve spotted comedian Aziz Anzari, broadcaster Susan Hirasuna, and the folks behind Wong Fu Productions. This year, actress and writer Michelle Krusiec and actor Leonardo Nam are joining us as co-chairs. Who will you spot?


Pose at the Photobooth!


Photobooth for hip and artsy poses? Check!

Stylish flower wall for your Instagram? Check!

Creative wall graphics for angel wing pictures? Check!

Just bring your phone and enjoy yourself! We got you covered at Plate by Plate.


Dance at the After Party!

After a snazzy dining experience at Plate by Plate, spice up your evening at a lively and upbeat lounge, bustling with drinks and excitement fresh from our tasting benefit. Your ticket includes entry into the After Party, so keep your wristband after our event! Follow us on Instagram for the location, to be announced soon!


Vote With Your Palate!

More than 20 restaurants will be serving up treats at Plate by Plate, but only one restaurant will win the Golden Plate! Last year, the imaginative crew behind Wolf wowed the crowd with their seasoned lamb served with bacon-wrapped dates.

Which dish will win your heart? Which drink will win the Golden Beverage award?



Tickets Available Now!

You can purchase your tickets here! Don’t miss our One-Day Sale on Thursday, July 26th at 12:00 PM!

For more information, please visit https://platebyplate.org/la/

10 Things You Should Know from PbP’s State of API Immigration Panel


On Saturday, June 30, 2018, PbP organized a panel of local non-profit organizations to discuss issues and stories related to API immigrants in the U.S. Here are 10 key takeaways from the event!

  1. What does the data tell us about the API community?

Asians are the fastest growing population in the United States.

Asians (49%), Pacific Islanders (48%), and Latinos (48%) have a much smaller percentage of voters compared to White (65%) and Black (59%) Americans.

  1. How does immigration impact different API groups?

Cambodian refugees who survived Khmer rouge fear at least 15 traumatic events such as witnessing murders, rape and slavery and live in high poverty high crime areas. Many Cambodians who have been deported have no family to return to in Cambodia at all.

Immigration affects Pacific Islanders in this country given that half are not US citizens. Protecting birthright citizenship is an important issue among Samoans as it protects their culture and Heritage.

Nepalis who were granted temporary residency status (TPS) within the US after a 7.8 magnitude earthquake hit in Nepal in 2015 are a risk of being of deported.

  1. What should I know as an undocumented citizen?

The naturalization process requires a biometric to be taken so if you have a criminal record it will show and flag immigration. Undocumented citizens who have a criminal record should have their record reviewed by an attorney before applying for naturalization.

Undocumented citizens who have a disability are exempt from taking a language test. However, immigration officers are making their own determination whether an undocumented immigrant is disabled often without medical expertise.

If you are receiving government benefits you are eligible for a fee waiver for the naturalization application.

  1. Why should undocumented citizens apply for US citizenship?

As a US citizen, you gain the right to vote, the right to not be deported, and the right to receive government benefits (e.g. social security). Also, US citizens have priority for bringing their families to the United States.

  1. What are challenges facing API undocumented citizens?

Fear of deportation prevent undocumented citizens from applying for health insurance and reporting hate crimes!

API undocumented citizens often experience linguistic and cultural barriers.

  1. Where can undocumented citizens get help?

Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles (LAFLA) has legal clinics throughout LA County (Koreatown, Chinatown, Long Beach, Thai Town, and Little Tokyo) and Language Lines(Korean, Cantonese, Japanese, Vietnamese and Khmer) where undocumented citizens can receive assistance.

  1. How can I help out?

Come to PbP’s Plate-by-Plate Annual Tasting Benefit on Saturday, August 4, 2018 at City Social Market House. Tickets are on sale now! Proceeds go to OCA-GLA and their Mentored Path to Citizenship Program. You can also donate directly to PbP here: http://projectbyproject.org/donation-2/

  1. Where can I learn more about PbP and Immigration rights?

Project by Project – http://projectbyproject.org/

OCA-GLA – https://oca-gla.org/

AAPI-Data – http://aapidata.com/

United Cambodian Community of Long Beach – http://www.ucclb.org/

Pacific Islander Health Partnership – http://www.pacifichealthpartners.org/

South Asian Network – http://southasiannetwork.org/

Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles – https://lafla.org/

  1. Where can I watch PbP’s State of API Immigration Panel?

Watch the event and full discussion  on our Youtube channel!

  1. Who was on the esteemed panel?
  • Winnie Fong (Moderator), Manager of Public Outreach at Project by Project - Los Angeles
  • Janet Ly, President at OCA-Greater Los Angeles
  • Alton Wang, Assistant Director at AAPI-Data
  • Susana Sngiem, Executive Director at United Cambodian Community of Long Beach
  • Shikha Bhatnagar, Executive Director at South Asian Network
  • Mai Tram Ly, Staff Attorney at Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles
  • Calvin Chang, President of Pacific Islander Health Partnership

We want to thank all our community partners and friends for attending and supporting our events! Special thanks to our Manager of Public Outreach, Winnie Fong, for organizing and hosting this panel.

For info about our upcoming panels, please contact us at outreach.la@projectbyproject.org.



PbP-NY x AAIFF 2018


July 17, 2018

PbP-NY x 41st Asian American International Film Festival (AAIFF)

PbP-NY is proud to be a community partner for this year’s Asian American International Film Festival held annually by our past partner, Asian Cinevision. The festival will run from July 25 – August 4 and showcases the best in independent Asian and Asian American cinema. To learn more about the festival and this year’s lineup, go HERE.

Can't decide what film(s) to watch, check out some of the selections below:

INVISIBLE HANDS (Dir. Shraysi Tandon | Indonesia, Ghana, China, India, USA | Documentary | 80 mins | English | New York Premiere | Q&A to follow with filmmakers) July 27, 2018, 8:00pm - Village East Cinema

Shot in 6 countries including the U.S, India, Indonesia, Ghana, Hong Kong and China. INVISIBLE HANDS is a harrowing account of children as young as 6 years old making the products we buy and consume everyday. A modern day slavery system quietly supported by some of the world's biggest corporate giants. The film also shows chilling undercover footage of children being sold like animals by a child trafficker. The film marks the directorial debut of journalist Shraysi Tandon and is produced by Academy award winning filmmaker Charles Ferguson.

8 MINUTES AHEAD (Dir. Ben Hoskyn | Canada, Hong Kong | Drama | 72 mins | Chinese (Cantonese), English with English subtitles, US Premiere) August 1, 2018, 6:00pm - Village East Cinema

Workaholic, success-obsessed Zhou Li spent decades building a shipping company from the ground up—and now, at the end of his life, he wonders whether it all really amounted to anything. When he makes a sudden change to his will and to the inheritance his children stand to receive, his two sons are faced with an age-old dilemma: how much wealth is enough, and how far are you willing to go to get it? Each must decide between devoting his life to the family business or breaking away from it in order to live a life his father never could. Eldest son Danny is fully consumed running the business his father started. He takes the recent adjustments to the will as a personal affront and refuses to accept any change to his standing, making him even more oblivious to the needs and troubles of his own family. Nineteen-year-old Cheng is the son Zhou never met. Cheng has been obsessed with getting rich ever since he understood what money was. Now that an opportunity has presented itself, Cheng soon realizes that money comes with strings attached and he'll be lucky if he can make it out alive.

8 MINUTES AHEAD is a directorial debut that incorporates the very best of Hong Kong filmmaking: exciting action, romance, and vibrant color.

FROM THREE FEET TALL SHORTS PROGRAM (117 mins) August 2, 2018, 6:00pm - Village East Cinema

Do you remember what it was like to be a child? These films ask us to see through the perspective of children facing very adult situations, and who yet react with a strength and heart that many grown-ups still aspire to have.

ART BEYOND THE SCREEN SHORTS PROGRAM (95 mins) August 2, 2018, 8:30pm - Village East Cinema

Going beyond the cinematic talents of our community, the following shorts showcase and dive into other art forms. How Asian talents from around the world transform and use art to expand what it means to be an artist.

For being a PbP-NY supporter, you can get 25% off using code: PBP_41

Just choose the film(s) and enter the code at checkout.

Let's support Asian American films and filmmakers and fill up those seats! See you there!

Don't forget to follow Project by Project NY on social media!

Project by ProjectFacebook @ProjectbyProjectNYInstagram @pbpnyTwitter @pbpny

Dream Catchers


Project by Project – Los Angeles is proud of our 2018 beneficiary partnership with the non-profit OCA – Greater Los Angeles in tackling our targeted issue this year: Immigration! Additionally, we are excited that Creative Squeeze has been assisting as our media partner to help spread awareness with our elected mission for 2018. PbP-LA made the decision to partner with the two organizations based on their philosophical alignment with Project By Project’s core values in taking ownership to improve our community, putting people first, and aspiring to inspire.


Commitment to our Community

PBP’s collaboration within OCA-GLA was inspired by the non-profit’s commitment to strive for leaping improvements on the social, economic, and political well beings of the Asian and Pacific Islanders (API). Members in PBP and OCA-GLA has recognized that we could have easily been lucked into the other side of the socioeconomic spectrum and cultural identity, so the responsibility of pulling up the less fortunate is part of our social contractual obligation.

Their mission in making APIs more socially aware of their responsibility in their community goes along with PBP’s belief in social well being ownership amongst the API community in America. OCA-GLA’s mission in providing grants for selected individuals to apply for naturalization–  so those people can remain in this country– is the epitome of the concept “putting people first”. Therefore, proceeds from our signature event, Plate by Plate, will go to OCA-GLA’s Mentored Path to Citizenship program in awarding a grant of $725.00 to fund the application fee for naturalization for accepted recipients.

Sharing an Immigrant’s Song

Indeed, any cause has to be catapulted by emotions. Thus, PBP-LA’s partnership with Creative Squeeze is driven by the digital media organization’s expertise in capturing stories in the visual medium. PbP-LA’s recent experience with their creative team during a recording session with Mentored Path to Citizenship recipients captivatingly left PbP-LA with a satisfying impression that the creative forces behind our media partner are best suited to convey the immigrant stories of the twenty selected recipients. We are confident that Squeeze’s ability to paint a story of their complex challenges will inspire the public to their cause.

With OCA-GLA’s mentorship guidance in the naturalization process and Creative Squeeze’s compelling storytelling, we are confident that Project by Project - Los Angeles’s synergy with the two organizations will reach the goal of helping twenty individual catch their dream of becoming U.S. Citizens!

How can you help?

Attend our annual signature event, Plate By Plate! Exclusive pricing for pre-sale tickets are available only on Tuesday, June 19, 2018! Click here for more info on the lowest prices to our signature gala!

If you’re interested in being a day of volunteer for Plate by Plate 2018 in Los Angeles, contact volunteer.la@projectbyproject.org!

Make a Donation - http://projectbyproject.org/make-a-donation/

Interested in more ways to contribute?   Contact us marketing.la@projectbyproject.org

PbP LA Ticket Launch Mixer 2018