Here's How PbP-LA Tackle Homelessness

HOME: Housing Opportunities Meant For Everyone (Part 2 of 3)

The difficulty of providing comprehensive language access and culturally competent services is a main reason why APIs are undercounted in the homeless and under-housed population in Los Angeles County. As Center for Pacific Asian Family (CPAF) tirelessly advocates on behalf of the API homeless population in the City of LA’s coalition of homelessness-combatting non-profits, PbP-LA is thrilled to have chosen CPAF as our 2019 beneficiary partner to address domestic violence and sexual assault as a major cause of homelessness.

In the first part of our ongoing series on our 2019 campaign, we highlighted success stories from our partner CPAF, and in our second post, we are excited to share how PbP-LA is joining CPAF to raise awareness and directly champion the issue of homelessness in the API community.

What we are doing with CPAF?

Through our beneficiary campaign with CPAF, PbP-LA is tackling homlessness in the API community through a multi-facet approach of raising awareness, volunteering, and fundraising. Together, we hope both to increase public understanding about the role of family and domestic violence on homelessness, and to debunk myths about the homelessness through our collaborative events and informational campaign.

  • Awareness - With the support CPAF, PbP-LA has hosted a series of educational events starting with a Homelessness 101 Webinar in April. For APIA Heritage Month in May, PbP-LA gathered community activities and experts from non-profit, government, and social enterprises for our speaker panel event. Beginning in June, PbP-LA has launched an awareness campaign to address factors contributing to chronic homelessness. You can follow our Fast Facts series on Instagram and Facebook to learn more about the myths behind combating homelessness.

United Way Home Walk 2019
  • Volunteering - Members of PbP-LA have been delighted about our upcoming hands-on opportunities with CPAF, including shelter moving assistance, furniture drives, and homelessness count. Recently, with the help of our sponsor HD Print, PbP-LA has participated in the United Way Homewalk, one of Los Angeles’ largest fundraiser raising funds to combat homelessness.

    This year, PbP-LA is dedicating a special pro-bono consulting taskforce, Project CASES, to explore the concept of a shared housing model for clients to transition from shelters to permanent housing. This comprehensive project will gather research, interviews, and best practices to develop a non-traditional strategy and implementation program to support CPAF’s transitional housing.

  • Fundraising - Every year, Project by Project presents our signature tasting benefit, Plate by Plate, to bring you a curated list of nearly 40 top restaurants, chefs, and barkeeps in Los Angeles. On this exclusive night of philanthropy, proceeds are donated to CPAF to support their community programs. We are delighted to invite you to the biggest API walkaround charity gala in LA at the Hotel Indigo on August 3, 2019 at 6PM. Tickets are now available.


As we learned recently of the increased number of people experiencing homelessness in LA County this year, it’s going to take a lot of work to organize and unite our API community to take action. We have seen first-hand the power of community activists and philanthropists to affect social issues in our previous campaigns. We need all hands on deck this year to support our HOME campaign at Plate by Plate, and we hope we can count on you to help.

In the next part of our ongoing series on our HOME campaign, we will explain how our net proceeds at Plate by Plate 2019 will go towards combating homelessness. Tickets to our signature tasting event is now available.