Dream Catchers


Project by Project – Los Angeles is proud of our 2018 beneficiary partnership with the non-profit OCA – Greater Los Angeles in tackling our targeted issue this year: Immigration! Additionally, we are excited that Creative Squeeze has been assisting as our media partner to help spread awareness with our elected mission for 2018. PbP-LA made the decision to partner with the two organizations based on their philosophical alignment with Project By Project’s core values in taking ownership to improve our community, putting people first, and aspiring to inspire.


Commitment to our Community

PBP’s collaboration within OCA-GLA was inspired by the non-profit’s commitment to strive for leaping improvements on the social, economic, and political well beings of the Asian and Pacific Islanders (API). Members in PBP and OCA-GLA has recognized that we could have easily been lucked into the other side of the socioeconomic spectrum and cultural identity, so the responsibility of pulling up the less fortunate is part of our social contractual obligation.

Their mission in making APIs more socially aware of their responsibility in their community goes along with PBP’s belief in social well being ownership amongst the API community in America. OCA-GLA’s mission in providing grants for selected individuals to apply for naturalization–  so those people can remain in this country– is the epitome of the concept “putting people first”. Therefore, proceeds from our signature event, Plate by Plate, will go to OCA-GLA’s Mentored Path to Citizenship program in awarding a grant of $725.00 to fund the application fee for naturalization for accepted recipients.

Sharing an Immigrant’s Song

Indeed, any cause has to be catapulted by emotions. Thus, PBP-LA’s partnership with Creative Squeeze is driven by the digital media organization’s expertise in capturing stories in the visual medium. PbP-LA’s recent experience with their creative team during a recording session with Mentored Path to Citizenship recipients captivatingly left PbP-LA with a satisfying impression that the creative forces behind our media partner are best suited to convey the immigrant stories of the twenty selected recipients. We are confident that Squeeze’s ability to paint a story of their complex challenges will inspire the public to their cause.

With OCA-GLA’s mentorship guidance in the naturalization process and Creative Squeeze’s compelling storytelling, we are confident that Project by Project - Los Angeles’s synergy with the two organizations will reach the goal of helping twenty individual catch their dream of becoming U.S. Citizens!

How can you help?

Attend our annual signature event, Plate By Plate! Exclusive pricing for pre-sale tickets are available only on Tuesday, June 19, 2018! Click here for more info on the lowest prices to our signature gala!

If you’re interested in being a day of volunteer for Plate by Plate 2018 in Los Angeles, contact volunteer.la@projectbyproject.org!

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