PbP-LA: April 2018 Newsletter


A Conversation on Immigration

At April's Steering Committee meeting, PbP-LA invited guest speakers from our 2018 Beneficiary Partner OCA-GLA for a two-part interactive session on immigration!

The first part of the session was a panel hosted by Kurt Ikeda from our beneficiary partner OCG-LA. Many of the panel participants came to share their own immigration or family immigration stories. It was inspirational to hear of personal immigration challenges from Rebeck Sandangsal, the 2016 recipient of Mentored Path to Citizenship. This program, which will be supported by Plate by Plate this year, was founded by Bryant Yang of OCA-GLA. Sandangsal's stories poignantly illuminated the incredible depth of personal and familial struggles immigrants have to encounter and overcome in their immigration journey.

These personal stories were followed by a detailed breakdown of immigration issues by Christine Chen, an immigration attorney from Advancing Justice. By emphasizing the implications of immigration issues on the effected populations, she revealed how we can help our fellow Asian Americans in our community to become naturalized citizens. It was encouraging to witness the attentive focus and support from our PbP-LA members!

"There are a number of barriers and reasons why people might not take the next step in naturalization. The two largest barriers are the language barrier and the financial barrier. Some folks from these communities might have suffered from trauma or hardship."Christien Chen, OCA-GLA Senior Staff Attorney

Unpacking Your Biases Workshop

The second part of the session was the training workshop, "Unpacking Your Biases", facilitated by Diane Ujiye. Our facilitator embarked on a deep dive into the inner workings of how implicit biases work, and how they may impact our annual immigration campaign this year.

Diane Ujiiye helped us meditate on the problems of racial discrimination in both the past and the present. The session began with how the Los Angeles area of neighborhoods and people changed throughout the years and ended with an engaging exercise that differentiates distinct situations where our implicit bias might come to play. What we imagine in a normal moment, as Diane summarized, may be different what we actually do under the effect of implicit bias.

"Giving us different scenarios of how we would cope in different situations really brought out who in some way we are as a human and how well we could deal in different situations as with different people. Being able to have someone talk openly and casually gave it a very different vibe. We were all able to be comfortable and in our zone."Zuma Khan, PbP-LA Marketing Team Member

Save The Date: PbP x APEX!

We are excited to announce our upcoming event to benefit the Center for the Pacific Asian Family (CPAF), our past partner in 2015! Our committee is thrilled about another opportunity to work the organization to address domestic violence and sexual assault in the API community.

Date: Thursday, May 17th 2018

This mixer is a collaboration with our sister organization, Asian Professional Exchange (APEX). As April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month, all proceeds will benefit CPAF to help foster more dialogue within the API community about these issues! Stay tuned for more information about the event!

Spring CASES Update

The Spring CASES team is currently working on a revenue strategy to help OCA-GLA meet the required funds in awarding 20 grants to approved applicants covering the naturalization fees for becoming U.S. citizens. Part of the revenue strategy will consist of developing a video distribution strategy and collaborating with the Outreach Team to create a product that will make a deep, profound impact in the API community.

In addition, financial modeling techniques will be constructed based on historical data and past trends to forecast the finances in the foreseeable future along with recommendations on how to use the partner's resources more efficiently. The team will also be researching proposed ventures, affiliated partnerships, and past sponsorships along with an improved grant writing system to increase aid in the fundraising package for OCA-GLA.

If you want to hear about our CASES initiative, catch the next update in our monthly newsletter!

Volunteer of the Month - April
Lilian Hwang - Events Team

PbP-LA is proud to tell you about our April's Volunteer of the Month, Lilian Hwang! Her dedication to our community issues is brightly exemplified in her passion for engaging our guests and friends at community outreach events, where you can easily find her warm and affable smile. This year she embarked on a new journey of leadership as she rose to action as the Manager of Event Production.

Lilian has personally led her team in venue search and selection for all our events, including securing the gorgeous Mama Lion for our 2018 Kick-Off Mixer and especially conducting multiple locations and on-site visit for Plate by Plate. The whole committee wants to thank you for the extraordinary initiative you've cultivated this year! You're the role model for a PbP ambassador!

"I loved being floor manager last year at Plate by Plate 20th Anniversary because I had the opportunity to meet and work with the chefs and restaurants! It was fun to see Wolf win (who was in my section) and to see the dedication of ALL the volunteers – from our day of volunteers to all the vendor volunteers!"Lilian Hwang on her favourite experience

Quick Chat with Our VOM

PbP: Hi Lilian! Congratulations on being named Volunteer of the Month! We have a few questions to help inspire others! Could you tell us more about your motivation that drives you to be actively involved with PbP?

Lilian: I am drawn the to enthusiasm the members of PbP has to serving its community! It is so great to be part of a group willing to give back to the local community. I like what PbP stands for and is a safe platform for young professionals to grow as individuals!

PbP: What has been your most rewarding experience?

Lilian: To interact with new members at mixers, retreat, and other PbP events, and to share my own experiences in PbP with them, hoping "to inspire and to be inspired"! You are rewarded when you give, and PbP provides a great environment to grow as an individual and to build a community.

PbP: How has PbP helped you in your professional development? Congratulations, once again!

Lilian: It gives me a lot of anxiety to speak publicly in a large group, and I feel that PbP has slowly allowed me to take on more of a leadership role and to work on breaking past my comfort level, challenging myself to be more involved! Thank you!

Community Events

"We've Got You Covered!"

AAAJ-LA Health Justice Network, our partner in 2010, is hosting a two-day training program for individuals in our community who want to provide full-service outreach, enrollment, and retention services for client. If you're working with free or low cost health programs, all of such programs in LA County are included! There will also be immigrant issues and advocacy tips to help you and your clients navigate complicated system!

Register your spot here!

  • Date: Thursday to Friday, April 26-27, 2018
  • Time: 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM
  • Location: Maternal and Child Health Access
  • Address: 1111 W 6th St Ste. 400, Los Angeles CA 90017

Stump on Starting a Business?

Our past partners have you covered! There are many issues that business entrepreneurs encounter in the first few phases of starting a business. A collaboration between Little Tokyo Service Center (PbP-LA's 2004 partner) and Asian Pacific Islander Small Business Program (PbP-LA's 2009 partner), this event will feature successful entrepreneurs who will share learning lessons from their pop-up show and e-commence start-up experiences. This speaker event will kick-off a 10-part workshop series that covers the fundamental parts of launching your ideas into a business. Admission is FREE, so reserve your ticket in the link below!

Register your reservation here!

  • Date: Thursday to Friday, April 26-27, 2018
  • Time: 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM
  • Location: Maternal and Child Health Access
  • Address: 1111 W 6th St Ste. 400, Los Angeles CA 90017

34th Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival

Our past partner from 2006, Visual Communications, is hosting its signature, annual celebration of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month from Thursday to Friday, May 3rd to May 12th, 2018. You are invited to enjoy the numerous films that highlight the narratives and perspectives of AAPI's diversity. Visit the festival website here for more information and the festival and film schedule!

Our partner this year, OCA-GLA will be presenting the film "Science Fair", a coming-of-age film about nine high school students navigating rivalries, setbacks, and hormones on their quest to win the international science fair.

Buy your tickets here!

  • First Showing
  • Date: Tuesday, May 8th, 2018
  • Time: 7:00 pm
  • Location: Regal L.A. Live - Theatre 10
  • Address: 1000 W Olympic Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90015

For more info on the FREE second showing, visit the film's website here!

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