PbP-LA: May 2018 Newsletter

Leadership In Action

For the month of May, Project By Project - Los Angeles has been accelerating our leadership development in anticipation of our annual signature event that will need all hands on deck!

Following our previous leadership sessions, our Volunteer Management Team led an engaging activity tying together our implicit biases under the theme of immigration. Posing questions that probe the intersection of cultural stereotypes and our upbringings, the team led an interactive discussion that emphasized our relationships with different socioethnic groups like undocumented immigrants.

We are incredibly proud of the incredible milestones all seven teams of PbP-LA have accomplished in 2018! Each team has broken through expectations by courageously building on our previous success with new programs, more events, and  expanded campaigns. If you are excited to hear more about our CASES Team, check out our next newsletter in June for more updates!

PbP-LA x APEX Mixer Recap

On Thursday, May 17, PbP-LA collaborated with Asian Professional Exchange (APEX) to gather our friends and colleagues for an amazing, crowd-pleasing mixer. In observance of May's AAPI Heritage Month, all the proceeds from the event was donated to our 2015 beneficiary partner, Center For Pacific Asian Family (CPAF) to raise awareness of domestic violence and sexual assault.

Guest speaker Kat Sea, an experienced CPAF Board member and volunteer for more than 8 years, spoke about her personal experience with her roommate who had an abusive partner, and about how her unpreparedness to help her friends at that time propelled her to join CPAF.

"With recent immigration policy changes, many domestic violence agencies have observed less crisis calls, and have suspected the fear of deportation as a significant reason to this decline. We want to raise our voice together to assure these victims are not alone."

- Eileen Ung, PbP-LA President

According to the Public Policy Institute of California, our state has the most immigrants than any other state in our nation. As many victims of domestic violence and sexual assaults also come from immigration background, it became ever more crucial to address this issue under our 2018 theme of Asian American Immigration.

It takes a victim of domestic violence and sexual assault on average 6 times to leave their abusive partner. Working with survivors is not clear cut, but raising awareness will help survivors be connected with the resources they need. Together with APEX, we successfully raised more than $1,000 to support CPAF's events for survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault!

Plate by Plate 2018 - Ticket Launch

We are excited to announce that the date and location for our Plate By Plate 2018 Ticket Launch has been finalized! Our hard-working Events Team is hammering out the clinks in the event, and our Marketing Team and Operations Team will soon announce our official event pages and website.

Special pricing will be available only at the Ticket Launch, so save the date and time for this one-time exclusive Plate By Plate pricing! PbP-LA wants to thank all our newsletter readers with your subscription, so here's a sneak peek at the event details for our upcoming Ticket Launch!


Tuesday, June 19, 7:00 PM


 18 Social Lounge at Hotel Indigo

Stay tuned for an upcoming announcement for our Ticker Launch website to reserve your spot!

June is Immigrant Heritage Month!

In observance of May's AAPI Heritage Month and June's Immigrant Heritage Month, PbP-LA is excited to bring together community advocates for another round of our speaker series! With panelists from 


United Cambodian Community

, and more non-profits to be announced by our 

Outreach Team

, this event will conclude a two-month long celebration of our heritage. We will touch on both factual and anecdotal accounts of the enduring immigrant's uneasy journey to the United States.


Saturday, June 30


11:00 AM - 1:00 AM


 The Great Company


1917 Bay St, Los Angeles, CA 90021

In anticipation of our panel, join us in sharing your individual immigration stories! In the upcoming weeks, we will be joining 

PbP - San Francisco

 to highlight our posts with the hashtag 


. We can't wait to hear your family's immigration story and your experience growing up!

Volunteer of the Month - May

Jeffrey Chiang - Fundraising Team

Have you met our amazing May's Volunteer of the Month, Jeffrey Chiang? Full of dedication and ideas, Jeffrey has climbed his way to play a critical role for the Fundraising Team. As a first year member, his involvement continues to soar high, in thanks to passionate drive that pits him at a proactive stance of pursuing corporate and networking leads for our signature event Plate by Plate.

Beyond chasing leads, Jeffrey has decorated our fundraising materials with updated, creative collateral for improved prospecting with potential sponsors. With the personal motto of "Stay Disciplined. Be Aggressive." Jeffrey has taken the initiative of leading an internal financial audit to help enhance our organizational attractiveness to sponsors!

The whole committee is grateful for your first few steps of leadership. Thank you for taking the lead!

"My favorite experience with PbP has been each and every planning meeting with my fundraising team. It's awesome getting to work with passionate, focused, and organized individuals who volunteer their time to help our organization succeed. They never cease to spark new ideas for ways to build relationships with other people and organizations!"

-Jeffrey Chiang on his favorite PbP experience

Quick Chat with Our VOM

PbP: Hi Jeffrey! Congratulations on being named Volunteer of the Month! We want to showcase your excitement. Can you share what drives you to be involved with PbP?

Jeffrey: I am driven because I feel that everyone who can, should give back to others in some way. There's always been someone to help me along each step of the way in life; it's my job to pass it on.

PbP: Can you describe the most rewarding part of your role on your team?

Jeffrey: The most rewarding experience so far has been talking to potential sponsors who have shown legitimate interest in partnering with our organization. It makes me realize that getting sponsors isn't just helping PbP; it's also helping other organizations connect with the community and have their name known.

PbP: What advice would you share for potential members joining PbP? Congratulations, once again!

Jeffrey: Stay curious and ask questions. There's always something to learn from everyone.

Community Events

Are You Ready To Vote?

With many community events happening in Los Angeles, it's easy to lose track of upcoming state and local elections. Next month is California's statewide direct primary elections, and offices from the governorship to representatives in the Assembly and Senate are all on the ballot. For more information about the statewide direct primary elections, visit the official website 



Election Date:

 Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Don't forget to check out your 

election handbook

 for details about all the candidates, propositions, and local races at the polls! Cast your ballot, and voice your votes!

LGBT Pride Month!

Pride means something different to different people, but this month it's about being proud to stand up for equality and human rights for the LGBTQ+ community. Let's come together for a month of celebration where we can put our differences aside and stand together!

Venice Pride: 

June 1 to 3

LA Pride Festival: 

June 10

OC Pride Festival:

June 23

There are numerous events for LGBT pride month, and our 2016 beneficiary partner, Asian Pacific AIDS Intervention Team (APAIT), will be out there at community programming to showcase our pride spirit! Please check official websites for time and ticket details on all pride festivals!

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