PbP LA's Volunteer of the Month - September


Calvin Kwan (Volunteer Team) Calvin Kwan

Calvin is a Software Engineer who in April 2015, decided that he wanted to make use of his spare time. He wanted to try something different in such a way that it would have a positive impact in society, rather than just for leisure. This is when he joined Project by Project. He was able to apply his problem solving skills from his technical background with PbP. Calvin was obliged to help assist the volunteer team in organizing, recruiting volunteers, and keeping his fellow PbP members up to date for their Plate by Plate events in Los Angeles and San Francisco. He is still a very active volunteer who strives to be prepared, organized, and punctual. His experience so far has been better than what he had anticipated when he started volunteering.

Calvin admires the amount of work and success each team has accomplished to help out the Asian American community. He is very grateful to be a part of such an outstanding organization. He has met a lot of great people in PbP who are so welcoming that they are like family. One of the things he has learned from being a part of PbP is to go out of your comfort zone and take risks. Everyone makes mistakes, but if you don't try, you will definitely not succeed. Calvin aims to lead by example, dedicating time and effort to each task in hopes to inspire others to make a difference. His fondest memory with PbP was being a part of the Plate by Plate events in both Los Angeles and San Francisco where he and many other PbP members worked together to execute the events successfully.

Speaking of plates, Calvin would like egg waffles, Hong Kong Style French toast, egg tarts, and sushi on his plate! He probably wouldn't want to mix the Hong Kong cuisine with the sushi, but he'd love to share them with you!