PbP-NY’s Annual Leadership Retreat - Activate the Hive!

Group Photo of PbP-NY members who attended the retreat

PbP-NY kicked off this year’s Asian Pacific American Heritage Month by hosting our annual leadership retreat in the Poconos. We spent a wonderful weekend together to discuss the state of Asian leadership in the US, our goals with this year’s partner, and this year’s theme on Asian Americans and immigration. Retreat theme: Activate the Hive!

Let's Activate the Hive!

In true PbP fashion, the retreat was filled with multiple training sessions and presentations, replete with handouts to engage members. We further developed our leadership skills through team activities and thoughtful discussions.

Group photo during discussion

Albert Hong, Manager of Team and Leadership, started things off by asking for our thoughts on what it means to “Activate the Hive”. For us, it means strengthening our relationships with one another both over the weekend and throughout the rest of the year, so that we can keep buzzing together and keep the “Hive Strong”.

Xuanzi Jia, our Director of Outreach, gave us a closer look on this year’s partner, The Coalition for Asian American Children and Families (CACF), to help develop a deeper understanding of what makes our partner so inspiring. The session set the tone for our interactions with them for the rest of the year, eliciting even further enthusiasm as we look toward progressing the CACF mission.

Quinn Rhi unveiling the current Asian American population

Quinn Rhi, Fundraising Team Member and civic participation expert, led the “Current State of the Hive: Understanding current events and AAPA advocacy efforts” session by testing our knowledge on statistics and AAPA history. Then, she guided us through an in-depth discussion about our thoughts on the information and the current state of the citizenship question on Census 2020 and what it will mean for the immigrant community.

Tiffany Lin, our chapter President, and Jinny Chen, Director of Team & Leadership, helped develop our interpersonal skills through a session called: “Social Styles: Gaining perspective on our interaction styles with others”. We now have a greater understanding of our communication styles, helping us better communicate with team members who possess a different style than us.

Mike Yu presentation on pitching

Mike Yu, Events Team Member and CEO of Palate Connect, gave a presentation on “Pitch Perfect: Building Skills in Pitching,” providing insights not only on how to get an investment but how to get a first date!

Team Bonding

The retreat wasn’t all about training sessions and work. We set aside plenty of time for fun and team bonding. Competitive spirits ran high as each team sought to outdo the next as they prepared meals for everyone. Each team brought their A-game while they prepared their most masterful dishes for the Hive. There was a full continental breakfast, a barbecue feast, and a taco night complete with guacamole made with fresh cilantro and fresh squeezed lime juice. Throughout the weekend, our capable Director of Finance, Julian Lak, made bowl after bowl of refreshing cocktails, including sangria and Julian’s JuJu (Jungle Juice).

PbP NY Group Photo Post-Hike

In the afternoon, we walked off the calories with a brisk hike on the Indian trail at Big Pocono State Park. We wrapped up the evening with toasts to one another to celebrate each other’s individual achievements.

Nighttime was filled with thoughtful discussions while making s’mores by the fire pit. We connected with those we don’t normally interact with during our day-to-day PbP responsibilities. Our connections grew as strong and warm as the fire as we developed deeper connections with one another.

PbP members gathered around the fire pit

Retreat Take-away

The teamwork was incredible. We all pitched in, any way we could, without any complaints. We are so blessed and grateful to have shared a wonderful weekend with such an amazing group.

Lastly, we all wish to express our deepest gratitude to our chapter President, Tiffany Lin, who is always the first to give and last to take. Thank you for leading by example and taking the PbP-NY chapter to even greater heights!

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