PbP SF’s Volunteer of the Month for June 2016 – Gordon Leung


gordonleungProject by Project SF's latest Volunteer of the Month recognizes an individual who has shown true dedication and passion for our organization.

As a new member to PbP and the outreach team this year, Gordon Leung has already demonstrated that he really embodies the spirit of philanthropy. Gordon has had great participation at partner and vendor events such as the APIENC fundraiser and St. George Spirit Tour. He is extremely reliable, and not only responds quickly and does what he's asked, but even volunteers to do extra tasks to help out past partners. For example, he offered to help collect and drop off donated ties to EBAYC on his day off of work, and was even prepared to go shop for more ties if we didn't have enough. Gordon's excitement to get more involved has been evident and is extremely appreciated. PbP SF is lucky to have him.