PbP SF’s Volunteer of the Month for May 2016 - Maile Huynh

Project by Project SF’s latest Volunteer of the Month recognizes an individual who exceeds expectations and brings a fun flair to the team. Please join us in congratulating Maile Huynh!
Returning to PbP for the second year as a Volunteer Team Member, Maile continues to be a 
dedicated member as she dove right into planning our first team bonding event of the year. Given only little direction, Maile took the lead to research, plan and execute a fun day of activities. She was given the challenge to plan a day at little to no cost, and successfully achieved that by finding Adventure Associates (a company that specializes in team bonding events) to generously donate their time to facilitate PbP's activity for FREE, saving us $3000-$4000! Not only did she host a super fun day, but everyone who participated left feeling accomplished, empowered, and closer to each other as an organization, which is exactly what we wanted the end result of the team bonding event to be. Aside from planning great events, Maile is bubbly, full of energy, and a great person to be around! She is one of our most dedicated members traveling all the way from San Jose to San Francisco (60+miles) for all meetings and activities. We are super excited to have her back on board again!