Volunteer of the Month - March 2016

Lisa Xu - Marketing Team Lisa Xu

Lisa is a creative and organized member of the Marketing Team. She has a degree in Media Visual Arts with an emphasis in Computing, which she utilizes in her job doing graphic design and social media for an e-commerce company. She is able to further apply her graphic design background to her role at Project by Project, which is evident in the beautiful flier that she designed for the the PbP kickoff mixer at Mrs Fish.

Lisa is currently in her first year with PbP. She has always wanted to participate in more volunteer work but she never had the opportunity to do so. She was motivated to join PbP because it gave her an outlet to help the community by sharing her design skills. As a new member, Lisa really enjoyed the PbP retreat because it provided an opportunity to get to know everyone's personalities better. To her, PbP is like a family where everyone helps each other out. She also likes that PbP helps the Asian American community because she believes that it is a community that does not get enough recognition.

If she was a utensil, Lisa would be a spork because she likes being multi-functional. She is interested in learning and knowing a variety of different things so she can dabble in everything. She enjoys keeping up and reading about fashion and makeup, learning about technology and new gadgets, and trying to take things apart and put them back together. In her free time, she enjoys working out, doing yoga, reading, and watching her favorite shows on Netflix. Lisa is also an ice cream connoisseur who has been to over 25 ice cream shops and creameries.