Volunteer Of The Month (February & March)


February Stella Yuen

My name is Stella Yuen and I graduated with a Business Management degree from San Diego State and a Master's in Education Counseling from USC (Fight On!). I work as a Career & Professional Development Counselor for college students & young alumni. However, I am starting a side hustle of career coaching where I specialize in resume and interview preparation, host networking events 4 times a year, and write a blog where I apply a business model to your love life! Check out it out at www.FindYourPeanutButter.com.

I also love getting involve in the community. Why did I join PbP? I guess you can say it was the right place at the right time. I was about to graduate and was looking to meet new people and get more involved in the LA community (I'm a Bay Area transplant!). A friend told me to go to an event. Not knowing what I was walking into, I went anyway (to the launch mixer) and discovered that PbP aligned with what I wanted to contribute and seemed like a good cause to showcase myself as a leader. As the Manager of Leadership Development, I love creating silly, but fun ice breakers, leadership activities, and events for members to bond and laugh over, but also to learn more about themselves and the team. I can say that the retreat was definitely where everyone let loose!

Aside from all this seriousness and work, I do love food. However, I don't call myself a foodie... just a sugar and cheese addict. I'm embarrassed to admit that I do spend endless hours laying on my bed, on yelp, looking at pictures of food and my favorite, desserts. On a side note, if I were a utensil, I would be a wine opener because who doesn't like wine? ;D


Julie Yu Julie Yu returns to Project by Project as a second year member, serving as the Manager of Present Partner Relations for the Outreach Team.

She is currently the Head of Operations for an online, farm-to-front door delivery service called Summerland. Summerland is an LA based small business dedicated towards providing the best organic produce and artisanal products grown in California.

When she first started out at Summerland, she provided customer service related inquires shaping and cultivating her leadership skills and development in her career. She shares “I give back because I like knowing that in some way, I'm bringing value and affecting positive change for someone else”. Julie also continues to share that Project by Project reinforces her beliefs with its community of hard-working processionals, admitted food enthusiasts, passionate volunteers, and future leaders-in-the making, to give back. She is committed to serving the community and its people!

“Favorite PbP memory is volunteering the day of the event, Plate by Plate last year. There was just something fun and exhilarating, working with people I've never met before, but who shared the urge to assist. I'm pretty sure I got delirious at one point from being on my feet all day, but it was kinda cool that I could be myself and be a little goofy because I never once felt judged. I felt accepted and I fit right in with all the volunteers. It made me feel happy and content.”

For other admitted food enthusiasts out there, Julie loves Korean food! The great Mama Yu who bore Julie, cooks the perfect comforting home-made dishes. Julie even shares that her love of food leaves her wallet with “a constant gaping hole, but I can’t get enough!” Nothing can make this girl happier than a plate of kimchi omurice with a dollop of ketchup. But get this girl a spork so she can eat her favorite foods because between you and I … she doesn’t know how to use a pair of chopsticks properly!