Volunteer of the Month (August)


Tracy Wu (Fundraising Team Member) Tracy Wu

This is Tracy’s first year to be actively involved with Project by Project. She joined the team with the firm conviction that it is important to be a contributive member of one’s community. To that end, she strives to be actively involved as a volunteer and leads by example. She was grateful that she had the opportunity to help assist the Fundraising team organize and execute a highly successful Silent Auction to raise funds for the cause.

Tracy’s very pleasant and rewarding experience in Project by Project was being an active member of a group of dedicated volunteers working together to improve the Asian Pacific Islander community in various ways. Everyone in the team genuinely cares for their community welfare, and they are setting great examples for each other within the group and beyond. The progress made in the community as a result of the hard work and selfless dedication of her fellow-volunteers inspires her to emulate that and contribute. Her indelible and fondest Project by Project memory was witnessing her team’s months of hard work coming to fruition handsomely at this year’s Plate by Plate event.

Tracy’s favorite cuisine is Szechuan Ma-La Hot Pot. She loves the palate stimulating spices and wide variety of ingredients that goes into the hot pot. It is a meal that is best shared with friends and family, and therefore promotes togetherness and camaraderie. Along the same vein, dinnertime is Tracy’s favorite time of the day because it is time to unwind after a hard day’s work and bond with loved ones around the dining table.

Speaking of dining, if Tracy were a utensil, she would likely to be a pair of chopsticks. Chopsticks are multifunctional, versatile, yet task-focused if used with skill, patience and dexterity, which encapsulates many of Tracy’s personal traits.