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2019 Steering Committee Members

About Project by Project New york

Project by Project (PbP) is a leadership development incubator aiming to develop a pipeline for the next generation of Asian Americans in philanthropy. PbP was founded in New York City in 1997 by a group of young Asian American professionals and officially became a 501(c)(3) organization in 1998. Comprised of a team with backgrounds across finance, consulting, technology, media, entertainment and law, PbP’s founding team felt it could do more to empower the Asian American community.

They established an organization with the mindset of volunteering, increasing awareness and fundraising for fellow organizations within the Asian American community. Every year, each PbP chapter in Los Angeles, New York, and San Francisco champions a community nonprofit as its beneficiary partner, driving a tailored year-long campaign building capacity around the nonprofit’s fundraising, community outreach, and public awareness efforts. Since 1998, PbP-NY has supported 21 non-profit organizations focusing on 17 themes in the API community with over $250,000 in unrestricted funding, addressing issues spanning civil rights, social action, advocacy, crisis intervention, and victim services. To see a list of our beneficiary partners and themes, visit: Beneficiary Partners Page.

PbP’s signature fundraiser Plate by Plate is the API community’s first and largest annual tasting benefit. Plate by Plate features top restaurants and beverage purveyors, attracting thousands of attendees nationwide. Proceeds from Plate by Plate are remitted to our chapters’ respective beneficiary partners.

2019 THEME

Project by Project’s mission is to develop leaders through innovative philanthropy. In 2019, with Asian Americans & Homelessness as our national campaign theme, we will address the growing issue of homelessness in our cities across the nation. Homelessness is an issue that has become pervasive in our communities, but is one that is deeply connected to many other systemic social challenges and issues. PbP-NY is partnering with Rescuing Leftover Cuisine (RLC) focused on taking wasted food and bringing it to homeless shelters all over New York City. RLC provides resources to meet the immediate tangible food needs of people currently experiencing homelessness and supports social services assisting people being affected by homelessness.


On a national level, PbP officially launched a new program called CASES (Collaborations Accelerating Sustainable Engagement and Solutions) in 2018. This is an initiative where our steering committee members and supporters provide pro-bono consulting services to our beneficiary partners and community nonprofits. Through project engagements, PbP supports its nonprofit partner with deliverables that range from strategic plans and implementation timelines surrounding recruitment and marketing strategies, ROI evaluation, financial planning, and data analysis – that would allow its community partner to increase effectiveness, broaden reach, boost revenues and reduce costs.

Examples of Past Projects:

Asian American for Equality (AAFE)-Equality Fund, Affordable Housing, 2015

  • Created an online interactive map of community resources in Flushing

National Queer Asian Pacific Islander Alliance (NQAPIA), LGBTQ, 2016

  • Developed Strategic Marketing Plan for Family Is Still Family Campaign translated leaflets

Coalition for Asian American Children and Families (CACF), Asian Americans and Immigration, 2018

  • Researched and delivered two activities for CACF’s Youth Leadership Program, Asian American Student Advocacy Program (ASAP): 1. Getting To Know You & Team Building Activities, 2. API History and Public Speaking Skills

”I wanted to just say thank you for all the work you put in towards ASAP's orientation materials. Your ideas and feedback were helpful during this process.”
- Denis Yu, CACF’s ASAP Program Coordinator


In 2017, during PbP’s 20th anniversary, the NY chapter piloted Project LEAD (Leaders Empowering Action Day), a one-day hackathon-styled event. Project LEAD aims to bring together multidisciplinary professionals, creatives and problem solvers for a day to work on issues facing the most vulnerable members of the local Asian American community.

The goals of Project L.E.A.D. are:

- for participants to do work that has an immediate impact,

- increase awareness of community issues, and

- spur the development of new public-private partnerships.

For more information, visit the event website at:


As part of the Project by Project experience, our members undergo a Leadership Development Curriculum that crowdsources the best practices and insights from industry experts on how to effect change in the community. In addition to volunteering with our nonprofit partners, members hone in on their skillsets through a Leadership Development Platform, working collaboratively to increase PbP’s own organizational capacity, which includes: improving existing programs and processes; establishing training programs for new managers; and developing sound operating systems in the areas of marketing, finance, operations, and human resource development.

By providing an intentional learning environment for volunteers to practice leadership skills through sustained group interaction, PbP is able to develop a pipeline for young leaders to serve on boards and take greater leadership responsibility in all aspects of community and society.

AWARDS and grants

  • Received a grant from Hitachi Capital Corp. (HCA) in recognition of the services we provide to the community

  • Awarded a Certificate of Recognition from the City of New York for our outstanding efforts to promote volunteerism and engage New Yorkers through service

  • Five Steering Committee members were honorees of the Mayoral Service Recognition Award

  • Obtained a grant from the Firespring Foundation

If you have any questions or would like more information about PbP-NY, please contact us at: